Why You Should Come to Argentina during “La Vendimia”

Find the answers to your questions about this beautiful harvest season


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March 8th, 2024

W ould you like to visit Argentina and witness this special time of the year? Today we bring you some tips and recommendations by the prestigious Sommelier and Director of the Wine Institute Salta, Jorge Luis Gallo.

What is “La Vendimia”?

Jorge: This is the time when the grapes for wine making are harvested. This moment will depend on a number of factors: what type of wine will be made, the setting in which the vineyard is located and the weather conditions, so there is not one unique date for this event.

We look for the best state of the fruit to use in the process of wine making, which usually falls between January and April, though this will depend on the type of grape. Each has its own ripening time. We have early and late ripening varieties.

Why is this such an important occasion?

Jorge: It is the moment when the work of a whole year is collected. The cultural work starts in the early winter, working in the vineyard in order to achieve a good quality grape for the following year. That is where its significance lies: the fruit of an intense season of work.

May anyone take part in the harvest?

Jorge: I’m afraid not. This is carried out by the harvesters. Though it’s true anyone can actually do it, the wineries give preference to the experts in this craft. Some wineries do involve travelers, and give them the chance to enjoy the experience of cutting a couple of bunches after clear instructions. You don’t need prior training, though it is something that defines each winery, of course.

Sommeliers and Ethnologists: What is their role in each stage of the process?

Jorge: The sommelier produces the wine, while the ethnologist is the one in charge of determining the harvest time for the different styles of wine and in turn the maceration, fermentation and temperature controls, as well as whether the wine will be aged or not. Basically, they make all the decisions that concern the final product.

What other cultural activities further enhance this season?

Jorge: The Vendimia Festival, in Mendoza, for example, in which the queen of Vendimia is chosen. In some regions, the season also features folk music and food and wine tasting. What is most special about this time (which typically lasts 3 months) is the chance to see the whole production process, since most people usually get to know only the final product.

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