We have drawn up a list of the most attractive “winter” activities in our country.


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Jun 25th, 2021


inter, like the rest of the seasons, often comes along with the deepest emotions. A rainy day may evoke feelings of sadness, distress or melancholy, while the snow may become the perfect stage for estrangement or solitude…However, just as stated by writer George R. R. Martin, “Nothing burns like the cold”. And indeed, winter may also be a time for us to connect with that inner flame that rekindles our spirit, a time to feel, vibrate and live life intensely.

In Argentina we are blessed to experience four complete seasons, and thus enjoy the variety of colors, aromas, sensations and landscapes that come along with each of them. So for those who are eager to live the here and now and greatly enjoy the different sceneries in this corner of the world, we have drawn up a list of the most attractive “winter” activities in our country.

In the early days of June, the fall season is tinged with the nostalgia of a sublime end and that of a wise rebirth. Winter comes to stay with both locals and visitors from June 21st thru September 22nd. Three full months to make the best of the cold tones and the hot chocolate, to drink some mates with the loved ones, or to contemplate the metamorphosis of the landscape all around; the days are shorter but just as glorious if we are wise enough to take in even the smallest details of nature.

Uco Valley – Mendoza


Snow is indeed the main attraction for travelers and for those who come to practice winter sports. The ski resorts are well-suited places both for professionals and for beginners, as well as for the curious and adventurous visitors.


This city is home to a variety of ski resorts such as Catedral Alta, Patagonia, Piedras Blancas, Nordico Ski Resort, Cerro Otto or Neumeyer Shelter. Not by accident is Bariloche considered as one of the most important meeting points on the continent to practice these sports. Sledges, snow bikes and skiing are among some of the many activities to enjoy while visiting here.

Ski Resorts – Bariloche


The most outstanding resort here is Castor Ski Resort, though Ushuaia features a wide range of spaces where to live the winter season intensely while engaging in different activities: In Centro Glaciar Martial travelers may go mountain climbing, snowboarding or even downhill sledging and snowshoe hiking. In Ushuaia Canopy, visitors will get the chance to contemplate the landscape from diverse panoramic viewpoints. Also, those who dare engage in races on sledges pulled by dogs may always stop by Haruwen and / or Nunatak.

Cerro Castor Ski Resort – Ushuaia

Las Leñas:

Further north, Las Leñas ( Mendoza) stands out as one favorite destination to enjoy the winter season in our country. Night skiing and Adventure Park are two of the main activities in this enchanting place that offers a long snow season that runs from June to September. Better still, after a long and busy day, visitors may give the day one perfect end by tasting some of the exquisite wines produced in this region.

Las Leñas Ski Resort – Mendoza

The North of Argentina

At this time, the characteristics of this region´s climate perfectly combine the arid mountains and ravines in the Puna with the humid forests of the Yungas or the semiarid and hot Chaqueña plains. Cafayate, Cachi, Purmamarca, Tilcara, San Antonio de los Cobres, Cono de Arita, Salinas Grandes, Humahuaca, Santa Rosa de Tastil and Tafí del Valle are definitely the must-see spots in winter for both visitors and locals.

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During the summer season, Salta and Jujuy may reach temperatures above 50°C. For that reason, traveling in this region during winter will certainly make your stay a lot cooler and much more pleasant. Besides, what could be better than tasting traditional dishes such as empanadas, beef roulades, humita, tamales or beef tenderloin stir-fry during the cold season?

Cafayate – Salta


Still on the subject of climate, getting to know Iguazu during winter is indeed the wisest choice, especially for those who seek to go deeper into its immense forest in pleasant weather conditions. The chance to sit in the front row, surrounded by few people- and come face to face with the Iguazu Falls (one of the seven wonders of the world)- is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Iguazu Falls


Something you should taste….

Locro! This is a traditional Argentine dish usually eaten on May 25th or July 9th (two significant national festivity dates). However, its taste and characteristics are a godsend at this time of the year. Locro is a stew made from pork, vegetables and tubers, all of which turn it into a nutritious and flavorful dish.


If you are planning to go on long hikes, or you simply need to be protected while engaging in different activities at this time of the year, you should bring in some thermal clothing, gloves, scarfs, socks and any other gear that may come in handy when it comes to protecting yourself from the cold temperatures. Don´t forget the sun block to keep your skin safe as well.

Tea Houses

Bariloche is home to a great number of tea houses, a greatly romantic plan for those who seek to take in the mountains, the snow and the breathtaking scenery while tasting some nice tea with pastries and cakes. Belleuve Tea House, Llao Llao Hotel & Resort and Paila Co are among the most renowned houses. Please take into account the opening and closing hours of these premises before you plan your visit!